CCTV & Security Systems


Flag Busniess Systems prides itself in offering the best high end enterprise grade CCTV installation systems suitable for various cctv securityniches. The importance of having CCTV systems in Kenya can never be overemphasized, there have been many instances covered by the media where CCTV surveillance helped in investigations of different criminal and disastrous incidences.

The best solution for monitoring your premises is by installing CCTV cameras in and around your house or office premises. Our CCTV systems will give you both assurance and peace of mind, as they are very effective in property monitoring. We have an effective technical team that can handle simple to complex installations.

Our personnel is known to be courteous and professional so you can be sure that your installations are being handled by excellent staff.

When looking for good CCTV systems, there are a few things that you need to look out for. These include:

  1. The system - There are a different systems used by CCTV cameras in Kenya. We will advise you on the best system that will suit your needs.
  2. Camera resolution - How clear do you want the camera system to be? We will get you the optimum camera resolution for your premise.
  3. HDD capacity - Cameras with a higher memory will store more data.
  4. Signal to noise ratio - How much picture information is transmitted compared to the noise the system is receives? We stock CCTV systems that will give the proper signal to noise ratio.
  5. Cable or wireless - We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each and advice on the best way forward.

IP Cameras

Flag Business Systems knows exactly how much you can benefit from CCTV IP cameras therefore we ensure we offer the best that technology has to offer. Below are the features of our CCTV IP cameras.

1. Superb image quality
A good CCTV IP camera should have an impeccable image quality, this is one of the most important features of an CCTV IP surveillance camera. With great quality images, it's very easy to follow details and image changes. One can make better and faster decisions. Our cameras provide top-quality video images.

2. Increased flexibility & scalability
CCTV IP cameras share a network that is used for communicating data or storage to a server or storage device. Once the network is set up, it can be setup in one camera at a time as opposed to analog cameras which have to be increased in sets of four or even sixteen. It is also possible to easily place networked video products in any location. The system can also be made as open or as close as desired. We consider the client's network specifications and advice the client accordingly.

3. Easy to integrate with other systems
Our CCTV IP cameras can easily be integrated with other systems for easier management of a business premise. For example, you can easily integrate it with access control, point-of-sales, fire alarms, visitor management and even ATMs.

We provide and install the following types of CCTV cameras:

ptz-dome-camera dome-camera bullet
PTZ Dome Cameras Dome Camera Bullet Cameras
  Box type Cameras  

Digital Video Recorders

Our reliable, affordable surveillance Digital Video Recorders are designed for continuous operation as part of a 4-channel DVR, 8-channel DVR, 16-channel DVR and 32-channel DVR security system. All digital video recorder options feature H.264 compression and motion detection recording to maximize the amount of surveillance video you can store. They also feature multiplex operation so you can view live, record, play back, and back up your video simultaneously. Our security DVR recorders can be viewed remotely over the internet and via a free smartphone app so that you can keep an eye on your business or home from anywhere.

4dvr 8dvr 16dvr
4 Channel DVRs 8 Channel DVRs 16 Channel DVRs
32 Channel DVRs