Payroll & HRM Software

Our Payroll and Human Resource Management software has superior features suited for any organization. If you are looking for Payroll software that eliminates the need for manual calculation of time attendance, tax returns and other statutory deductions, we have just the product for you.


  • Print reports for payments including cash breakdowns, formatted bank transfer spreadsheets and mobile payment lists.
  • Submit all taxes returns with no additional formatting and print payslips for individual employees. Latest NSSF and iTax formats included.
  • Easily maintain annual, sick and maternity leave records.
  • 24/7 support with initial training and data entry supervision.

  • Create and customize unlimited earnings and deductions
  • All current banks and branches with codes included – updatable
  • Updatable rates for PAYE,NSSF,NHIF and Pension
  • Individual Pension, Life insurance, Mortage reliefs
  • Comprehensive rounding options
  • Export bank transfer files in paying bank format including mobile

  • Customisable company logo on payslips
  • Save reports as PDF, DOC or XLS
  • Annual summaries for all earnings and deductions
  • Email payslips to individual employees
  • Export bank transfers file in multiple pre-defined formats
  • Approved E-submissions for all payroll statutory deductions

  • Unlimited number of company licenses per installation
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Fully networkable
  • Unlimited number of users with individual permission settings
  • Return to closed payroll periods
  • Import employee/postings data from spreadsheets
  • Built in backup and restore

  • Recruitment module
  • Track probation and contract dates
  • Maintain leave records (Annual, Sick, Maternity etc)
  • Design and administer appraisals
  • Maintain education, employment records and disciplinary data
  • Link all data to relevant documents
  • Maintain data on next of kin, medical history etc
  • Track expatriate visas and work permits

  • Automatically calculate amount from hours or days
  • Import monthly postings from XLS
  • Maintain check-offs, company loans and cooperative contributions
  • Net-to-Gross pay calculation
  • Assign and update basic earnings using custom pay grades
  • Flexible pension calculations
  • Loans ledger with multiple spaced top up loans
  • Fully multi-currency

  • Tailored reports and special functions
  • Tailored integration with time attendance systems

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